Principal In-Charge:

The SFP team will be overseen by Principal-in-Charge and Project Manager, Mr. Dale R. Wheeler, P.E.  Mr. Wheeler is a focused leader who has led SFP on complex contracts and on tight schedules.  His leadership philosophy for the management of contracts includes a strong and dynamic leadership style, clear delegation of authority with full retention of responsibility and accountability, total responsiveness to owner needs and concerns, effective communications, and demand for highest quality performance for Fire Protection Services.  

As the Project Manager Mr. Wheeler believes in a strong project management approach to project control and utilizes techniques that develop a Work Plan for the project that allows the simultaneous and orderly development of all services.  His approach to management monitors the project continually, makes appropriate adjustments and keeps it on course.  To the client, this means the project will suit the needs of the user and be within the budget.  He is broadly experienced in all of the anticipated needs for this project.


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